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Pure Tech Solution secures and connets your business with end-to-end connectivity solutions, whether you need basic connectivity or sophisticated IP telephone system on bigger scale, our solutions are tailored to your exact needs and budget.

Connectivity is paramount for today’s business enabling new ways of working, support meeting growth and business goals. Our multisite connectivity allows your business to transfer voice, data and video between your locations, wherever they are based around the world.

PTS provide a wide range of connectivity solutions tailored specifically for your business and, meet all your business connectivity needs including: IP Telephony, Video conferencing and, Business Email messaging.

IP Telephone

IP telephony is considered the next-generation solutions for business communications which offer savings essential for enterprises to compete and gain a competitive advantage in today’s economy. Our unified communications are uniquely designed to address the challenges your organisation faces.

PTS can understand and customize your requirements, provide solutions for a multi-service network with voice, video, and data integrated over a single IP-based infrastructure, that can be centrally maintained and eliminate costly charges for calls between your business locations.

Our clients can choose to use existing telephony equipment and migrate to IP telephony over time, or they can choose to replace the existing telephony equipment with IP telephony products.

Advantages of having IP Telephony system

  • IP Telephones offer cost savings solutions
  • Merge voice and data on one network
  • It can remotely be maintained
  • Better mobility and connectivity
  • Integration to PC Systems
  • Eliminate costly charges for calls between your business locations.

Video Conferencing

In today’s interconnected global economy, businesses move faster than ever and need to adapt and equipped to connect their workforce no matter where they are. Our video conferencing solutions bring people and businesses together, linking them across countries, sites and, systems.

This solution may cut travel costs and accelerate processes which could take long time, and allow you to make the right decisions faster than ever. From desktop packages to Telepresence solutions, PTS provides Video conferencing solutions that suit every need and budget.

Whether you need to secure one door or multi-doors facility, we have the right technology and the flexibility needed to adapt to your security requirement. Our system is designed to adopt with the growth of your operations, at the same time provide you the freedom to choose from top range of access control hardware.

Advantages of having Video conferencing system

  • Ability to start meetings on time without time constraint
  • Easy to use technology and communication
  • High quality audio and video that enable collaboration rather than distract
  • Dramatic travel cost and time saving
  • Meetings are shorter and more effective
  • allow an expert to investigate a problem without making a site visit