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Pure Tech Solution provides end-to-end security solutions which combine IP surveillance, access control systems and, time attendance management. Our solutions allow businesses and organizations to have comprehensive and uninterrupted view of their security functions.

We help companies and organizations implement innovation and improve their performance in affordable price. Whether your business place is shop, hotel, office, warehouse, or other corporate premises, our end-to-end security solutions are designed to keep you connected and safe 24/7 and give you extra peace of mind.

IP Surveillance

Pure Tech Solution secures and improves your business with end-to-end solutions, whether you need basic surveillance or sophisticated security system on bigger scale, inside or outside, day or night our solutions are tailored to your exact needs and budget.

All of our IP surveillance solutions are flexible, reliable and easy to implement. We provide you the latest network storage infrastructure, security products and the seamless management of the whole system which is designed to connect with your already existing IT equipments.

With Pure Tech Solution, IP cameras can be deployed anywhere, by network cable or wireless access systems. This flexibility allows you to expand your deployment options to include outdoor coverage or longer distances.

Advantages of having IP Surveillance system

  • You can remotely access and manage
  • It is cost-effective with improved capabilities
  • Enhanced image quality with higher resolution
  • Expanding features with System Integration
  • Reliable and redundant
  • Secure Transmissions

Access Control

Access control solutions facilitate secure entry into your facilities. It grants authenticated users permission to access specific areas or resources in your facility. Our IP-enabled access control system will enhance your organisation’s security and increase your readiness to respond to incidents while using your existing network infrastructure.

Whether you need to secure one door or multi-doors facility, we have the right technology and the flexibility needed to adapt to your security requirement. Our system is designed to adopt with the growth of your operations, at the same time provide you the freedom to choose from top range of access control hardware.

Advantages of having Access Control systems

  • Increases the security of your premises
  • Simple customization for each user level
  • Existing ID cards can be used for a single badge solution
  • Allows for history logging for later review
  • Never have to change the Locks
  • Affordable and easily Integrated